Ear clamps

Ear clamps are clamps that are constructed from a single piece of webbing, forming a closed ring. The edges of the clamp are turned outwards, protecting the hose from mechanical damage. The clamps can have one or two tabs (ears) for clamping the ring. 

Ear clamps are a simple and cost-effective solution for the installation of various low-pressure hoses (both braid-reinforced and unreinforced). They are also often used to fasten additional protective covers or security cables to the cables. Due to their uncomplicated design, they can be fitted quickly and easily using special pincers. The clamps will then deform permanently and ensure even pressure on the hose surface. 

Ear clamps are available in several materials and designs, making it easy to choose the right product for your application. However, regardless of the variety, they stay hose-safe because they have the edges of the strip turned outwards. In this way, they protect the surface of the hose from damage. Please check our shop's range of products and choose the ear clamps that best suit your requirements.


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Ear clamps - Ear Hose clamps

How are ear clamps constructed?

Ear clamps are constructed from a single piece of strip and form a closed ring. Its edges are turned outwards to protect the hose from mechanical damage.  Depending on the type, the clamps have one or two tabs (ears) that serve to tighten the ring.

This is a permanent process. Once clamped, the clamp deforms and provides even pressure around the circumference of the hose.

From what materials are ear clamps constructed?

An ear clamp is most often constructed from galvanised or stainless steel. The former is less expensive and has good strength and corrosion resistance. The latter costs a little more, but is more suitable for areas where the risk of corrosion is high.

The most important parameters for this type of clamp are the inner diameter (before installation) and the clamping range. Based on these, you will select the right product for your hose.

What types of ear clamps are available?

Ear clamps come in several types, which differ in some elements of construction. You can choose from:

  • ear clamp with one ear — the ring has one tab to clamp onto the hose; 
  • ear clamp with two ears — there are two tabs on the ring, which are positioned on opposite sides (this design slightly increases the range of applications of the clamp); 
  • ear clamp with protective insert — differs from the basic version of the clamp in that it has an additional protective insert at the clamp point, the function of which is to protect the hose surface and ensure more even clamping (best for hoses of delicate construction).

How are ear clamps fitted?

The ear clamps are very simply installed. Follow the steps below:

  1. Specify the location where you will install the band. 
  2. Clean the surface of the hose so that the clamp provides even pressure. 
  3. Slide the ring onto the hose to be secured. 
  4. Using special ear clamp pliers, tighten the ring ear, which will create a permanent deformation that secures the hose to the fitting or end of the installation. (You will also tighten the clamp with other tools, but be careful not to cut or break it). 
  5. Then repeat the above process with any other hoses or pipes that need to be secured.

Remember to select the correct size and type of band for your application before installation. Only in this way will you ensure that the installation is safe and reliable.


What are the advantages of ear clamps?


Ear clamps have many advantages, the most important of which is the simplicity of installation. They also provide a secure and even clamping pressure and are available in many sizes and several versions. This makes it easy to find a clamp that works for your application.

Where are ear clamps used?


Ear clamps are used in many different places, e.g. electrical installations, mechanics, industry in general (food, automotive, agriculture, etc.), and maintenance. They are used for connecting welding pipes, compressed air pipes, clamping rubber or plastic hoses, mounting electrical cables and other applications.

Are the ear clamps reusable?


No, ear clamps are not reusable. Once clamped, they become permanently deformed, so removal requires cutting them or forcibly loosening the ring. Therefore, ear clamps are disposable products.