Accessories for Camlock couplings

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What are the accessories used in camlock couplings?

Accessories used with Camlock couplings are as follows:

  • dust plugs for Camlock couplings, 
  • seals for Camlock couplings, 
  • Camlock coupling handles, 
  • safety clips and chains, 
  • clamps for Camlock couplings, 
  • Camlock adapters and reducers, 
  • Safety Bump, 
  • Safety Lock.

To keep Camlock couplings in good technical condition, periodic maintenance and replacement of used parts are necessary. We describe each of these in detail below.

Dust plugs for Camlock couplings

Dust plugs are an accessory to protect the open coupling from dust and other dirt. They come in two versions:

  • DC (Dust Cap), 
  • DP (Dust Plug).

The first is a cap for the male part (plug) of the Camlock coupling. While the second is a cap for the female part (socket).

The dust plugs are available in a number of material versions that correspond to the varieties of Camlock couplings available on the market.

Seals for Camlock couplings

Camlock seals are accessories that prevent leakage from the female coupling when connected to the male plug. Metal Camlock systems include an NBR rubber seal as standard, while polypropylene systems include an EPDM rubber seal.

However, you can also choose from several other materials:

  • Viton - Typically used for special installations that require extra corrosion resistance or better heat tolerance. 
  • Silicone - Ideal for food grade applications. 
  • Teflon - PTFE seals are specialised products available on special request.

Camlock coupling handles

Camlock coupling handles are accessories used to safely connect and disconnect Camlock couplings from hoses or pipes. Traditionally, all aluminium Camlock couplings had brass handles as standard.  However, due to the rising cost of brass, many manufacturers today supply them with stainless steel handles.

Brass Camlock couplings also come with brass handles as standard, but versions with stainless steel handles are increasingly appearing.

Stainless steel and polypropylene Camlock couplings, on the other hand, have stainless steel handles as standard.

The handles consist of 3 basic components. It is about:

  • Handles - These are available in 304 stainless steel for all 4 types of material: aluminium, stainless steel, brass and polypropylene. 
  • Rings - These are located at the ends of all handles to provide greater leverage when opening. The standard rings are formed from galvanised steel in all aluminium, brass and polypropylene fittings. Stainless steel varieties, on the other hand, have 304 stainless steel rings. 
  • Pins - They are formed from galvanised steel as standard in all aluminium, brass and polypropylene couplings and from 304 stainless steel in stainless steel Camlocks.

Safety Clips and chains

Safety clips are accessories that lock the socket arms when closed, i.e. they prevent the mating pair of Camlocks from being accidentally disconnected. Safety clips come as standard with all female couplings.

To use the clip:

  • First insert the male adapter into the female coupling and close the handles. 
  •  Then put the clip through the small hole behind the handle, which prevents it from returning to its open position.

The clips act as an additional safety feature. They enable the two mating halves of the Camlock coupling to be locked together, preventing them from coming loose. They are most often available in two materials: galvanised steel or stainless steel.

As for the safety chains, they are used to connect the dust plugs to the couplings. Thanks to the fastening, they will not get lost.

Often in installations where the hose or pipe is disconnected, it is necessary to seal them tightly. The dust plug on a chain is a convenient solution in such situations.

Safety chains are most commonly bought in two varieties: brass or stainless steel. They are also available in several lengths, the most popular being 200 mm and 300 mm.

Clamps for Camlock couplings

Clamps for Camlock couplings are accessories that hold the stub of the plug and the socket in place. They are available in many varieties, so you can easily find the right one to suit your needs.

Clamps are mainly divided into two types: regular and safety ones.

Regular clamps usually form a single unit, and you clamp them onto the hose using a worm mechanism, screw or other similar system. They are used for installing Camlock couplings, which have corrugated hose stubs.

Safety clamps, on the other hand, usually consist of several separate parts: two "shell" halves and separate bolts. You will use them to fit Camlock couplings, whose stubs are smooth and fitted with a special flange for fastening the clamp.

Camlock adapters and reducers

Adapters and reducers for Camlock couplings are accessories that allow alternative connections of Camlock connectors to hoses or pipes. You will find them in many different versions on the market that serve different applications.

In the case of adapters, you have varieties available:

  • AA - Has a male plug on both sides, so allows the connection of two hoses or pipes with female sockets. 
  • DD - Has a female socket on both sides, thus allowing the connection of two pipes or hoses terminated with male plugs.

Importantly, adapters are also available in a reducing version, i.e. one side is smaller than the other.

As for reducers, they are used to reduce the diameter of the flow line. Therefore, one side has a larger diameter than the other. They are available in many different versions, such as:

  • DA - One side female Camlock, the other male Camlock. 
  • AR - On one side a male Camlock, on the other a female thread. 
  • BR - One side female Camlock, the other male thread. 
  • CR - One side female Camlock, the other a hose stub. 
  • DR - One side female Camlock, the other female thread. 
  • ER - On one side male Camlock, on the other hose stub. 
  • FR - One side male Camlock, the other male thread.

Safety Bump,

Safety Bump caps are an alternative to traditional DC and DP caps. They have a specially designed grip handle that makes it easier to work with the hose (e.g. pulling it out of the car).

In most cases, Safety Bump caps are created from a composite material with additional fibreglass reinforcement. They are most commonly used in the chemical and fuel industry. However, they also come in a version for the food industry (white), which meets all the necessary standards.

Safety Lock.

The Safety Lock system prevents unwanted uncoupling of Camlock couplings during hose transport or unloading of the medium. This increases operational safety and reduces potential losses to a minimum.

The Safety Lock is simple to install and remove, and thus ideally complements the Safety Bump system.


You will find many different accessories for Camlock couplings on the market, so that you can not only bring worn components back into working order, but also increase the safety of the installation and make your work easier. All this makes quick release couplings even more practical and multifunctional.

No wonder they are used in so many industries.

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What are the accessories used in camlock couplings?

Dust plugs for Camlock couplings

Seals for Camlock couplings

Camlock coupling handles

Safety Clips and chains

Clamps for Camlock couplings

Camlock adapters and reducers

Safety Bump,

Safety Lock.